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By default everyone has 5 homes they can use. Donate for more homes and more server options (no pay to win here). Uses a GUI interface.



Friend will allow you to share location on the map with a specific player.

Auto Doors


Auto door is what it is. If you don't get it, you don't get it. /ad 10 (closes doors in 10 seconds)

Rewards Store


Spend your points for items in game.

Sign Artist

/sil <url>

Use this command to takes pictures from the internet and put onto RUST signs. Use a valid url that points to the direct picture.



Kits allow players to claim free kits based on cooldown settings.



Use this command to teleport to players on the server. Uses a GUI interface.

Auto Auth


Automatically authorize friends and/or clan mates on turrets as you place them.

Rocket Turret


Allows the player to turn auto turret into a rocket turret. Load up the new "Rocket Turret" with rockets.

Security Lights


Setup your security lights to target players/heli/etc around your base. Very useful for blinding rocketeers!

Player Challenges


Earn custom titles by getting first place in different categories.

Vote Rewards


Awesome way for you the player to boost server pop. Vote and receive gifts of appreciation.

Clans Reborn


Awesome fun way to make clans on RUST. Setup friendly fire and more.



Use this command to remove items or structures.



By default everyone has access. Reminder this plugins loading of the skins is controlled by STEAM. So if you have blue reload circles on your items it's STEAM waiting to download them. Sometimes Validating your game files will help with the speed.

Pilot Ejector


While trying to down the helicopter there is a chance the pilot will eject - pilot will then fall to the ground (parachute) and become an aggressive AI - the heli will then crash with loot crates - kill the pilot for additional loot

Old School Quarries


Quarries can be found in airdrops and placed like the good ol days of RUST - I STRONGLY suggest using quarries. Remember Metal Frags can be traded at Bandit Camp for Scrap - Scrap can then be used for purchasing items from Outpost

No Fuel


Currently all lighting fixtures require no fuel to turn on - if for some reason your's won't power on just place 1 fuel inside and your good to go FOREVER!


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